Meta-analysis of the efficacy of Ningmitai capsule on the treatment of chronic prostatitis in China.

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Ningmitai (NMT) capsule for treating chronic prostatitis (CP) in China.

Retrieving the China Journal Full-Text Database (CNKI), Wanfang database, China's outstanding master's/doctoral dissertation database, VIP Science and Technology Periodical Database, Cochrane library, PubMed, Embase, and Chinese academic conference papers. Collecting and selecting literatures of randomized controlled trials before March 2017 on NMT capsule for CP, evaluated by Jadad scale, and then analyzed with Stata software.

Thirty randomized clinical trials including 6185 patients (3124 in the test group and 3061 in the control group) were included. The overall treatment risk ratios (RRs) were 1.19 (1.14, 1.24). The merged RRs were 1.05 (0.95, 1.15) and 1.22 (1.19, 1.26) for the single-drug group and the combined-drug group, respectively. The adverse events were found to be lower in all groups.

NMT is effective and safety on the treatment of CP, especially in combined-drug groups. High quality and a good design of multicentered, randomized, parallel-controlled and blinding trials are needed in order to make further studies, and deserve further examination for the treatment of CP with NMT.

Medicine. 2018 Aug [Epub]

Chunhui Jin, Zhongguo Chen, Jie Zhang

Shanghai HaiTian Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China.