Clinical Factors Negatively Impacting Sexual Relationships in Men with Peyronie's Disease

Here, we sought to identify clinical factors associated with a negative impact on the relationship in Peyronie's Disease patients. During initial consultation, a detailed sexual questionnaire was administered, which included a question on whether or not PD negatively impacted the current sexual relationship. 146/242 (60.3%) patients reported that PD negatively impacted their sexual relationship. On multivariate analysis, penile shortening, partner pain with intercourse, and shorter relationship duration were associated with a negative relationship effect. We did not identify significant differences in negative relationship effects based on objective physical examination findings including penile curvature, calcification, hourglass deformity, or penile length.

Journal of sex & marital therapy. 2017 Nov 16 [Epub ahead of print]

Matthew J Ziegelmann, Manaf Alom, Kevin Hebert, Ross Avant, Tobias Köhler, Landon Trost

a Department of Urology , Mayo Clinic, Rochester , MN.