Clostridium Histolyticum Collagenase - Is this revolutionary medical treatment for Peyronie's disease?

Peyronie's disease was described by Francois de la Peyronie in 1743, a battlefield surgeon and Commander of the Medical Corps of Louis XIV. The prevalence in the general population varies from 0.39-3.

4%, but increases to 7. 1% in patients between 50-69 years of age, with a reported prevalence rate of 20. 3% in men with diabetes. The disease has two distinct clinical phases; the acute and stable or chronic phases. The acute phase is characterised by painful erections with increasing penile deformity usually lasting between 3-12 months. The chronic phase is usually pain-free and characterised by stabilisation of the plaque and penile deformity. The aetio-pathogenesis of the disease remains largely unknown with local trauma, genetic and vascular factors being implicated. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

BJU international. 2015 Dec 18 [Epub ahead of print]

C Poullis, M Shabbir, I Eardley, J Mulhall, S Minhas

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