Peyronie's disease: An update - Abstract

Peyronie's disease is currently considered a wound healing disorder that presents with a fibrous inelastic scar of the tunica albuginea, which is believed to occur in genetically susceptible individuals following trauma to the penis.

It is characterized by the development of a palpable scar, which in the erectile state causes a variety of deformities, erectile dysfunction and painful erections, and its pathogenesis is unclear. There are many therapeutic options and each has its advantages and disadvantages. This article outlines the advances in the recent studies of Peyronie's disease.

Written by:
Zhu XB, Jiang R.   Are you the author?
Department of Urology, The Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College, Luzhou, Sichuan 646000, China.

Reference: Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2013 Apr;19(4):355-9.

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PMID: 23678718

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