Penile prosthesis in the surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease - Abstract

Peyronie's disease appears to be a condition of middle-aged men.

In many of them, the disease is accompanied by erectile dysfunction, which, until recently, was attributed to penile deformity. Later, it turned out that the erectile dysfunction has the same causes as in men without Peyronie's disease with vascular and psychological components. In all cases, the pathology of the disease is characterized by the formation of a fibrous plaque, which will lead to penile curvature at different degrees and directions during erection and pain. These symptoms will have a major impact on the sexual life of the patients. The most common, the plaque, is located on the dorsal side of the penis, leading to dorsal deviation. The use of penile prostheses can ensure the development of a normal sex life by correcting the penile deviation and by providing the necessary rigidity for penetration.

Written by:
Ateia D, Voinescu O, Geavlete R.   Are you the author?
MEDAS Medical Center, Bucharest.

Reference: J Med Life. 2012 Sep 15;5(3):280-2.

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PMID: 23049628 Peyronie's Section