WMSM 2012 - Predictors of deformity stabilization and progression in PD - Session Highlights

CHICAGO, IL USA (UroToday) - This study looked at defining predictors of the natural history of PD by analyzing 176 men with palpable plaque and penile deformity who had the sustained deformity for greater than 12 months.

wmsm thumbIn men with uniplanar curvature, the rate of overall improvement and PD stabilization changed based on the time to presentation after PD onset. Younger patients with early presentation were more likely to improve versus those who were older and presented > 6 months after onset.


Presented by John P. Mulhall, MD* at the annual World Meeting on Sexual Medicine (WMSM) - August 26 - 30, 2012 - Sheraton Chicago - Chicago, Illinois USA

* Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA



Reported for UroToday by Karen Roberts, Medical Editor