Oxidation-reduction potential as a new marker for oxidative stress: Correlation to male infertility

Male infertility affects men worldwide. Oxidative stress (OS), characterized by an overabundance of reactive oxygen species (ROS) or a deficiency of antioxidants, is one of the major causes of male infertility. OS causes damage at the molecular level, which impairs lipids, proteins, and DNA. The cyclic cascade of redox reactions weakens sperm function which leads to poor semen parameters and eventual sterility. There is a need for advanced diagnostic tests that can quickly and accurately detect OS. Most commonly used assays can only measure single constituents of OS. However, the MiOXSYS System introduces a new strategy to detect OS by measuring the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)--a direct evaluation of the redox balance between ROS and antioxidants. The MiOXSYS System has shown promise as a diagnostic tool in the evaluation of male infertility. This review explores the concept of ORP, details the principle of the MiOXSYS System, and summarizes the findings in clinical studies that support ORP measurement in semen.

Investigative and clinical urology. 2017 Nov 02 [Epub]

Ashok Agarwal, Albert Danh Bui

American Center for Reproductive Medicine, Department of Urology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA.