Identifying Novel Copy Number Variants in Azoospermia Factor Regions and Evaluating Their Effects on Spermatogenic Impairment.

Microdeletions in Y-chromosomal azoospermia factor (AZF) regions have been regarded as the risk factor of spermatogenic failure (SF). However, AZF-linked duplications or complex copy number variants (CNVs) (deletion + duplication) were rarely studied. In this study, we performed multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) analysis on 402 fertile healthy male controls and 423 idiopathic infertile SF patients (197 azoospermia and 226 oligozoospermia) in Han Chinese population. In total, twenty-four types of AZF-linked CNVs were identified in our study, including eleven novel CNVs (one deletion, seven duplications, and three complex CNVs). Our study revealed that AZFc-linked duplications and the instability of Y chromosome might be associated with spermatogenesis. Besides, the complex CNVs (b2/b3 deletion + DAZ1/2 duplication) were confirmed to increase genetic risks for SF in Han Chinese population. This study illustrated a spectrum of AZF-linked CNVs and presented valuable information for understanding the clinical significance of AZF-linked CNVs in male infertility.

Frontiers in genetics. 2019 May 07*** epublish ***

Ran Zhou, Jian Cheng, Dingyuan Ma, Jianxin Tan, Yuguo Wang, Ping Hu, Zhengfeng Xu

State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Department of Prenatal Diagnosis, Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, Women's Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing, China.


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