Sleep Architecture and Daytime Sleepiness in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction.

Obstructive sleep apnea is considered a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. The aim of this study was to determine sleep architecture and assess daytime sleepiness in patients with erectile dysfunction. The study group included 280 patients. The 107 enrolled patients had reported erectile dysfunction. The control group consisted of 173 patients who had no history of erectile dysfunction. The Epworth sleepiness scale (ESS) was used to measure the subjects' level of daytime sleepiness. All patients underwent a standardized overnight, single-night polysomnography in sleep laboratory. In the erectile dysfunction group, we observed increased ESS total score and N1 sleep phase duration. Mean and minimal oxygen saturation and mean oxygen desaturation were decreased in comparison to the control group. In summary, subjects with erectile dysfunction have altered sleep architecture, oxygen saturation parameters and increased daytime sleepiness.

Life (Basel, Switzerland). 2023 Jul 11*** epublish ***

Helena Martynowicz, Rafal Poreba, Tomasz Wieczorek, Zygmunt Domagala, Robert Skomro, Anna Wojakowska, Sylwia Winiewska, Piotr Macek, Grzegorz Mazur, Paweł Gac

Department of Internal Medicine, Occupational Diseases, Hypertension and Clinical Oncology, Wroclaw Medical University, Borowska 213, 50-556 Wroclaw, Poland., Department of Psychiatry, Wroclaw Medical University, Pasteura 10, 50-367 Wroclaw, Poland., Department of Anatomy, Wroclaw Medical University, Chałubińskiego 6a, 50-368 Wroclaw, Poland., Division of Respiratory Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5, Canada., Department of Experimental Dentistry, Wroclaw Medical University, Krakowska 26, 50-425 Wroclaw, Poland., Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine, Department of Population Health, Wroclaw Medical University, Mikulicza-Radeckiego 7, 50-368 Wroclaw, Poland.