An Initial Study on the Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation in Erectile Dysfunction: a Randomized Controlled Trial - Beyond the Abstract

Here in Brazil and around the world we always hear about electrical stimulation for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment, but what was the evidence saying? We found few articles regarding this subject. The first one that was similar to ours came out in the 90s. It was done in Frankfurt by Christian Stief, MD.

We decided to make a small randomized controlled trial (RCT) to see the results. It was an initial study, but now we are moving on to a bigger study with new exams to monitor improvement and follow-up.

In our trial, we had a significant improvement in the group using electrical stimulation for erectile function. Some of the clinical improvement did not allow them to have a sexual intercourse, but that was enough to improve their quality of life. And this is the main goal of the next step. What about more sessions? What if we combine with pelvic floor exercises? Follow up? Did the PDE 5 non-responders start to respond? 

We hope to very soon bring the scientific society all of those answers!

Written by: Cristiane Carboni, Physiotherapist, Master in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, University of Barcelona, Master of Science in Rehabilitation by UFCSPA Specialist in Women's Health and Specialist in Human Sexuality by SBRASH, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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