Use of the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) in Chinese male patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

To test the psychometric properties of the International Prostate Symptom Score (Hong Kong Chinese version 2) (IPSS) in Chinese male patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) under secondary care.

A prospective longitudinal study was done by interviewing subjects at baseline, at 2 week after baseline for assessing test-retest reliability and at 26 week after baseline for assessing responsiveness. All subjects were interviewed to complete a structured questionnaire including IPSS, Short Form-12 Health Survey version 2 (SF-12v2) and Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS).

The IPSS HRQOL score had weak correlations with SF-12v2 summary and DASS domain scores. For reliability analysis, Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0.90 for the seven symptom-related items. The intraclass correlation coefficients of the IPSS total symptom score and HRQOL score were 0.90 and 0.86, respectively. For sensitivity, statistically significant differences were detected between the subjects with BPH and those without for IPSS total symptom score (effect size = 0.68) but not the IPSS HRQOL score. The areas under ROC curves for the IPSS total symptom and HRQOL scores were 0.67 and 0.60, respectively.

The IPSS was valid, reliable instrument in Chinese patients with BPH. The IPSS total symptom score, but not the HRQOL score, is sensitive in differentiating subgroups.

The aging male : the official journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male. 2017 Aug 08 [Epub ahead of print]

Carlos King-Ho Wong, Edmond Pui-Hang Choi, Steve Wai-Hee Chan, James Hok-Leung Tsu, Chi-Wai Fan, Peggy Sau-Kwan Chu, Fu-Keung Cheung, Wai-Kit Ma, Ida Soo Fan Mah, Sidney Kam-Hung Yip, Simon See-Ming Hou, Hing-Shing So, CindyLo-Kuen Lam

a Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care , The University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong., b School of Nursing , The University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong., c Department of Surgery , Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital , Hong Kong., d Department of Surgery , Queen Mary Hospital , Hong Kong., e Department of Surgery , Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital , Hong Kong., f Department of surgery , Tuen Mun Hospital , Hong Kong., g Department of Surgery , Princess Margaret Hospital , Hong Kong., h Hong Kong Urology Clinic , Hong Kong., i Pedder Clinic , Hong Kong., j Department of Surgery , Princess of Wales Hospital , Hong Kong., k Department of Surgery , United Christian Hospital , Hong Kong.