Ureterolithotripsy in a paediatric population: a single institution's experience - Abstract

This study presents one institution's experiences in ureterolithotripsy (URSL)-a particular endoscopic treatment modality. The incidence and prevalence of urolithiasis in the paediatric population continues to increase.

However, the choice of the most appropriate treatment remains a challenging problem for paediatric surgeons. Between January 2006 and June 2013, the Department of Pediatric Surgery performed 157 URSLs. The patient population consisted of 126 children (60 girls and 66 boys) aged 10 months-17 years and having a body mass >8 kg. Dilatation of the pyelocalyceal system along with dilatation of the ureter above the concrement was present in all patients. Pneumatic, laser (Ho:YAG-pulsed laser), ultrasonic lithotripters with rigid, flexible ureteroscopes of 4.5/6 and 6.5/8 Ch were used. URSL was performed in 157 cases. During the first session, excellent results were obtained in 134 of 157 cases (85.3 %). In 15 cases (9.6 %), a second URSL was required. In five cases (3.2 %), URSL was performed a third time. A final stone-free rate of 98.1 % was obtained within the ureter. In three cases (1.9 %), complications were observed. In ten cases (6.37 %), a pigtail catheter was placed and retained in the ureter. URSL is a very good and effective endoscopic treatment for the removal of concrements localized in ureters. These concrements cause alterations in flow from the upper urinary tract in children. Because of the relatively small diameter and volume of the urinary tract in children aged <5 years="" ursl="" in="" this="" population="" requires="" great="" precision="" experience="" and="" technical="" skill="" p="">


Written by:
Jurkiewicz B, ZÄ…bkowski T, Samotyjek J   Are you the author?
Department of Pediatric Surgery, Children's Hospital in Dziekanow Lesny, Warsaw, Poland

Reference: Urolithiasis. 2013 Dec 25. (Epub ahead of print)
doi: 10.1007/s00240-013-0634-z

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 24368682

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