Outcomes of Minimally Invasive Radical Prostatectomy-a Contemporary Review.

Prostatectomy has been widely accepted as a treatment option for prostate cancer and can be performed via an open, laparoscopic, and robotic approach. The outcomes following prostatectomy are primarily sub-grouped into oncological and functional outcomes. Oncological outcomes have been comparable in the above three surgical modalities. However, the robotic platform seems to have a better functional outcome compared to open prostatectomy. The data on the outcome of the laparoscopic approach is scarce and is not widely performed due to technical difficulty. With experience continence outcomes have reached a plateau in many robotic series, however, the potency outcome is the real Achilles tendon of this procedure. Many factors influence potency outcomes but the amount and quality of nerve-sparing is one factor that is under a surgeon's control and it improves with experience.

Indian journal of surgical oncology. 2020 Jun 11 [Epub]

Kulthe Ramesh Seetharam Bhat, S K Raghunath, N Srivatsa, C Tejus, K Vishruth, R Anil Kumar

Trustwell Hospital, No 5, J C Road, Bangalore, 560002 India., HCG Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka India.

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