Preservation of continence in radical prostatectomy patients: a laparoscopic surgeon's perspective.

Preserving continence in patients who underwent radical prostatectomy is of utmost importance. Therefore, modification of surgical technique that would contribute to the regaining of continence with a shortest possible delay after the procedure and adequate evaluation of chances of continence recovery should be considered.

A PubMed database search was performed to review the current literature concerning the physiology and anatomy of sphincter mechanisms, perioperative risk factors, the effects of surgical techniques on post-prostatectomy continence and post-operative management.

Modifications of surgical approach with an aim to minimize damage to the sphincter complex, maintenance of maximal urethral length to enable safe anastomosis, and the reconstruction of the urethral support system appears necessary. The patient should also be informed about the chances of regaining continence after surgery.

There is a need to develop a predictive model to stratify patients according to risk of incontinence and implement adequate action to minimize those risks including preoperative pelvic floor muscle training and/or surgical technique modification.

Central European journal of urology. 2019 Jan 17 [Epub]

Piotr Kania, Piotr Wośkowiak, Maciej Salagierski

Mazovian Regional Hospital, Department of Urology, Siedlce, Poland., Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Hospital, Department of Urology, Zielona Góra, Poland.