Real-World Clinical Utility of Decipher Biopsy Testing in Localized Prostate Cancer

In prostate pre- and post-biopsy decision making, more precision is urgently needed. Whereas expert imaging and biomarker-based risk scores already enable the clinician in this respect, the dilemma remains for those patients that are diagnosed with apparent indolent cancer. Additional diagnostic tools that (de)select patients for active surveillance (AS) would provide a great benefit for the patient.

A commercially available test is Decipher Biopsy. The potential of this test on post-radical prostatectomy decision-making is well documented. This is also shown for other molecular gene expression-based classifiers. This paper describes the outcome of a state-wide registry of patients in AS. The test is significantly associated with time to treatment and time to failure. The paper shows that the Decipher score correlates with Grade Group, NCCN- and CAPRA risk scores.

We now await the outcome of the prospective trial (G-MAJOR clinical trial (NCT04396808)) to establish whether a gene expression-based risk classifier adds to the available mostly clinical parameter-based algorithms.

Written by Jack Schalken, PhD, Professor of Experimental Urology and Director of Urological Research at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Read the Full-Text Article: Impact of Decipher Biopsy Testing on Clinical Outcomes in Localized Prostate Cancer in a Prospective Statewide Collaborative - Full-Text Article