From the Desk of the Editor: Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Everyday UrologyOncology Insights, brought to you by Digital Science Press, Inc, publishers of For the past 13 years, UroToday has demonstrated its commitment to providing accurate, timely, evidence-based urology and oncology information to the global community of healthcare providers. With its inception in 2003, there was a recognition that there are a multitude of ongoing scientific publications and medical conferences; nevertheless, an easy to access daily platform to acknowledge, report and accommodates this content did not exist. initiated its web based platform to succinctly aggregate the contemporaneous and most relevant urology content on a real time, daily basis in order to allow busy clinicians to remain up to date with the newest research, approvals, and meeting information.

The inaugural issue of Everyday Urology – Oncology Insights focuses on the ever evolving treatment of advanced prostate cancer. It highlights the multidisciplinary approach for optimally treating the advanced prostate cancer patient. The print publication will provide a visually driven format with original articles, thus providing the benefit of a tactile experience and the unique features for hand held reading. This publication will broaden the constituency of our current digital presence by specifically selecting GU clinicians: inclusive of GU Oncologists (Urologists and Medical Oncologists), Radiation Oncologists and Nuclear medicine physicians within the United States.

I am honored to be Everyday Urology’s physician editor in chief and have authored our cover story, “Embarrassment of Riches: Therapies that improve Overall Survival in Patient with mCRPC.” Here I will describe the emerging treatment options for our advanced prostate cancer patients, and their life prolonging benefits. This month’s Expert Perspective, is written by Phillip Koo, MD, titled “The Changing Role of the Radiologist/Nuclear Medicine Physician in the Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients”. Dr. Koo will describe his process for developing a successful, multidisciplinary relationship for the maximal benefit of advanced prostate cancer care. Our feature article will discuss, “Clinical Considerations in the Use of Androgen Deprivation Therapy for the treatment of men with advanced prostate cancer”, with an interview with Dr. Thomas Keane, reviewing what is known regarding ADT, and more importantly, the controversial and often debated unmet needs for administration, monitoring, and utilization of androgen deprivation.

As the publication evolves, we assuredly welcome your suggestions and feedback, and sincerely invite you to contribute your own articles and commentary.

Thank you for reading, Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights.

Neal Shore, MD, FACS