From the Desk of the Editor: Issue 3

In this issue of Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights, we will share with you several articles which are based upon recent presentations from the CME course at the annual Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA) meeting held this past November in Chicago, Illinois. I was honored to be the co-chairman along with my colleague, Dr. David Chaikin. This year’s LUGPA CME program was entitled: “Optimizing Bladder Disease Management”.

The recent successful bladder cancer trials with checkpoint inhibitors informed the LUGPA board that therapeutic advances for bladder cancer strategies were achieving a new level of clinical “sizzle”. With both the phase II data on systemic therapies as well as the numerous ongoing biomarker trials, the evaluation and management for bladder cancer patients will assuredly change and improve. In addition, the treatment for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (especially for patients with BCG refractory disease) is making significant advances, with novel intravesical therapeutics. These advancements are long overdue, as FDA approved treatments have been very limited over the last 3 decades.

The educational philosophy for the CME presentations, which has now been transcribed within articles for this this issue, is to focus upon real world clinical application in order to correlate with a relevant synergy for both community and academic practices. I am honored to present these state of the art lectures and themes from leading physicians on the subject of bladder cancer which are reflective of cutting edge urological care.

Our cover article, authored by Daniel George, MD, “Systemic Immunotherapy Bladder Cancer... Get Ready!”, discusses the emerging new and promising immunotherapies for the treatment of bladder cancer, in particular for advanced urothelial cancer in the second-line setting. This issue’s Clinical Update, by Badrinath Konety MD, “Bladder Cancer Biomarkers: Optimal Utilization for Diagnosis and Recurrence” reviews the optimal use as well as the pipeline of bladder cancer biomarkers. Colin Dinney, MD, article is our Expert Perspective, titled, “Emerging Therapies for BCG Unresponsive Non Muscle Bladder Cancer”, which discusses the advancements and evolution of intravesical therapy beyond BCG, presenting the new potential options for treatment.

The Spotlight section features proceedings and highlights in the field of bladder cancer from the two important meetings: The Bladder Cancer Think Tank meeting and the SIU Congress. These abstracts are written by Ashish Kamat, MD, Michael Metcalfe, MD and Stephen Williams, MD all from MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Finally, forward thinking urology practices as well as urologists dedicated to the management of advanced bladder cancer, must now contemplate and plan for the development of their Advanced Bladder Cancer Clinic.

Thank you for reading and supporting, Everyday Urology- Oncology Insights.

Neal Shore
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