Robotic versus open cystectomy with ileal conduit for the management of neurogenic bladder: a comparative study.

Cystectomy associated with non-continent ileal diversion is a common surgery in patients with neurogenic bladder. Few data are available, especially for the robotic approach. Our purpose was to compare open cystectomy (OC) and robot-assisted radical cystectomy (RARC) with ileal conduit, regarding peri- and post-operative outcomes.

We included each patient who underwent cystectomy and ileal conduit for neurogenic bladder in a referral-center between January 2017 and November 2021. Data were retrospectively analyzed. Median follow-up was 16.6 months [IQR: 5; 41]. All patients had neurogenic bladder with failure of conservative treatment and/or impacted Quality of Life (QoL). Open cystectomy with non-continent ileal diversion and robot-assisted cystectomy with intra-corporeal non-continent ileal diversion were compared. Primary endpoint was postoperative complications. Secondary endpoints were length of hospital stay (LOS), surgery duration, blood loss and ureteral anastomosis stricture.

A total of 123 patients were included, n = 85 (69.1%) undergoing OC and n = 38 (30.9%) RARC. Significant differences were observed for: operative time (OC 266.9 ± 64 vs. RARC 205.8 ± 55.5 min, p < 0.001), blood loss (OC 737.7 ± 515.8 vs. RARC 245.8 ± 169.6 ml, p < 0.001), delay until feeding resumption (OC 7.1 ± 4.7 vs. RARC 5.5 ± 2.9 days, p = 0.05) and mean LOS (OC 21.6 ± 13.9 vs. RARC 16.2 ± 7.6 days, p = 0.03). In RARC group, there were 10.5% complications Clavien-Dindo > 2 whereas 23.8% complications underwent in the OC group (p = 0.1).

RARC is a safe approach for management of neurological bladder showing significantly better perioperative outcomes.

World journal of urology. 2022 Oct 25 [Epub ahead of print]

Jeanne Beirnaert, Davy Benarroche, Ugo Pinar, Morgan Roupret, Véronique Phé, Christophe Vaessen, Jerome Parra, Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler, Thomas Seisen

APHP, Sorbonne University, GRC 5, Predictive Onco-Urology, Pitié-SalpêtrièreHôpital, Urology, 75013, Paris, France., APHP, Sorbonne University, Hôpital Tenon, Service d'Urologie, 75020, Paris, France., APHP, Sorbonne University, GRC 5, Predictive Onco-Urology, Pitié-SalpêtrièreHôpital, Urology, 75013, Paris, France. .

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