Submitting Commentary for “Beyond the Abstract”

"We definitely appreciate the opportunity to provide our research results to the larger medical community."
 - Praveen Thumbikat, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Urology, Northwestern University

If your journal abstract has been posted on, we invite you or your co-authors, to provide a supplemental commentary on your clinical trial or experience that is the content of your published manuscript.  The commentary may include any additional information on the paper that you want to share to expand the understanding of your publication.  

Your commentary will become a part of Beyond the Abstract,  a regular feature published on The goal of this program is to provide further translation, insight and added value of your findings and to share them within the urology, medical oncology and radiation oncology treatment communities.  Since the inception of this initiative in October 2007, the reception from our readership has been overwhelmingly positive. The commentary has created a lively discourse and the Beyond the Abstract pages have proved to be some of the most visited on our site. If you would like to participate, please forward your submissions (or direct any questions) to Submissions should be made in the form of text documents and may be augmented with audio/visual materials such as graphics, videos1, slides2, and/or audio3.   Please be sure to include the original article title, the author(s) name(s), and the journal citation with your correspondence.  


Gina B. Carithers

Founder & Publisher,