Development of Urology and Medical Oncology in an Academic Center Level - Interview with Badrinath Konety

September 28, 2018

(Length of Discussion: 16 min)

Charles Ryan and Badrinath Konety discuss the challenges and promises you see as a chair of a department of urology at a major academic medical center in the US.  Topics discussed are avoiding burnout and the quality of life in academia.  Specific programs and strategies incorporated at the University of Minnesota including fostering the growth of young science focused urologist, picking the right mentor and courses and programs available to the new and upcoming urologist. 


Badrinath Konety, MD, MBA, is professor and chair at the University of Minnesota, where he holds the Dougherty Family Chair in Uro-Oncology and is Director of the Institute for Prostate and Urologic Cancers. He is also Associate Director, Clinical Affairs & Clinical Research, Masonic Cancer Center (MCC) 

Charles J. Ryan, MD

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