WCE 2017: Systematic Biomineralization in Kidney Stone Formers

Vancouver, Canada (UroToday.com) Dr. David Tzou, clinical urology fellow and assistant adjunct professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), presented data that characterized the overall burden of non-renal, systematic biomineralization in known kidney stone formers (SFs) compared to non-stone formers (NSFs). Dr. Tzou brought attention to the fact that patients with nephrolithiasis are at an increased risk for atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and stroke. 

The study consisted of a retrospective review of clinical, non-contrast CT scans of abdomen/pelvis in SFs and were compared to CT scans of age and gender matched NSFs (renal transplant donors) as a control. Calcifications were identified in 9 non-renal anatomical locations and were graded based on calculated CT volume. 

The resulting data showed a significantly higher average total systematic biomeralization scores in the SFs than the controls, with higher average mineralization scores for the SFs in all 9 individual anatomical locations. These findings may give urologists an opportunity to determine whether patients may be at a higher risk of developing future adverse cardiac and vascular events. 

In closing, Dr. Tzou mentioned that non-renal, non-osseous sites of mineralization is not well understood. He hopes that this work will lead to a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of kidney stone formation. Dr. Tzou also hinted at the possibility of using a computer program that would be able to recognize non-renal mineralizations from CT images, thus predicting whether or not a patient is at risk of having kidney stones in the future. 

Presented by: David T. Tzou, MD

Authors: Benjamin A. Sherer, Adrian Fernandez, David T. Tzou, Sunita P. Ho, Marshall L. Stoller
Affiliation: Department of Urology - University of California, San Francisco 

Written by: Zachary Valley, Department of Urology, University of California-Irvine at 35th World Congress of Endourology– September 12-16, 2017, Vancouver, Canada.