WCE 2016: Characterization of Urolithiasis Using CT Analysis with Abdomen and Bone Window – Session Highlights

Cape Town, South Africa (UroToday.com)– Dr. Gallioli and colleagues at the University of Milano, sought to determine whether computed tomography (CT) imaging can help in identifying calcium oxalate, uric acid, cystine, and struvite stones in the bone or abdomen windows within CT viewing software. They conducted a retrospective review of 240 stone-bearing kidneys that were imaged by CT between 2011 and 2016, ultimately including 120 kidneys, most of which had calcium oxalate stones. 
On the CT scans, they viewed the stones using the bone scan windows, a method that has not been used in the past. On that imaging, they then would outline the region of interest (i.e. the stone), and the CT image viewer would provide a value for the Hounsfield Units (HU) with 5 variables (HU of the center, HU of the periphery, mean HU, HU variation, and HU density) which they subsequently used to statistically analyze for determining trends.

They found that the use of the bone window did not directly result in the ability to characterize stones. However, interestingly, they reported that using the HU density (HUD) value consistently allowed them to identify calcium oxalate stones. Importantly, they stated that the use of laboratory tests in conjunction with the HUD improved their ability to identify the stone compositions. 

Dr. Gallioli, in an interview, stated that a significant limitation of their study was that they only had 5 struvite and 6 cystine stones, making it difficult to report their find in regards to those stone compositions with any certainty. He noted that they will continue to review those stone types as they move forward with this study.

Presented by: Andrea Gallioli1, Maurizio Delor1, Luca Boeri2, Stefano Paolo Zanetti1, Michele Catellani1, Fabrizio Longo1, Alberto Del Nero1, Emanuele Montanari1
1University of Milano, Italy, Department of Urology

Written by Shoaib Safiullah, MS4 at The Chicago Medical School, LIFT Urology research fellow

34th World Congress of Endourology and SAUA meeting - November 7-12, 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa