TAT-11: Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Metastati Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Ac-225

Ottawa, ON, Canada (UroToday.com) Containment of radioisotope daughters following the first alpha recoil is a significant problem in targeted alpha therapy. Isotopes contained within a nanoparticle shelarebe effective in retaining the daughters. This study uses layered nanoparticles (NP) consisting of a 225Ac-doped (La0.5Gd0.5)PO4 core coated with four layers of GdPO4 and an outer layer of Au.

The gold layer facilitates linking to the tumor-specific antibody, in this case, mAb 201b. Mouse model showed high targeting efficiency and 73 % reduction in cell colonies in the lung. Over 90% of Bi213 was contained 24 hours after injection.

Presented by: Charles Maitz, PhD, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Columbia, Missouri, United States

Written by: William Carithers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the 11th International Symposium on Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT-10)  April 1 - April 4, 2019 - Ottawa, ON, Canada