TAT-11: Tuning of the Radium Biodistribution by Dietary Supplements in a CD1 Mice Model

Ottawa, ON, Canada (UroToday.com) This study seeks to ameliorate the recently reported adverse side effects of Radium-223/abiraterone therapy by introducing dietary supplements to promote the elimination of Radium-223 not attached to tumor sites. A biodistribution study was conducted in mice previously fed Vitamin D or CaCl2 before being injected with Radium-223.

In another arm, zoledronic acid was co-introduced with the Radium-223. The animals were sacrificed at 24 or 96 hours p.i. and the major organs were measured for activity. The results show that all supplement's effect on the biodistribution, although there was no significant difference among the three.

Preclinical in Vitro Nanocarriers/Safety, Regulation

Presented by: Ján Kozempel, PhD, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czechia

Written by: William Carithers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the 11th International Symposium on Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT-10)  April 1 - April 4, 2019 - Ottawa, ON, Canada