SIU 2018: Oncology Updates - Oligomets RARP

Seoul, South-Korea (  Dr. Kim highlights the results of his phase 1 study on the safety / feasibility of cytoreductive prostatectomy (CRP) and then details the protocol of his newly initiated phase 2/3 SIMCAP (Surgery in Metastatic Carcinoma of the Prostate) trial. Despite the ongoing discovery of novel therapies for metastatic prostate cancer, a study by Dall’Era et al. (Cancer 2014) found that there was no improvement in cancer-specific or overall survival for men presenting with metastatic prostate cancer over a 20-year period. 

SIU 2018: Oncology Updates -PRIAS-JAPAN Study

Seoul, South-Korea ( Dr. Sugimoto provided an update on the results of the PRIAS-Japan study, which is the subset of patients enrolled in Japanese center for the international PRIAS study.

The PRIAS (Prostate Cancer Research International: Active Surveillance) study has been ongoing observational study since December 2006 focusing on early prostate cancer (cT1c-T2N0M0). It has now accrued over 7500 patients in 22 countries!

SIU 2018: How to Initiate Urologist-Directed Management of CRPC

Seoul, South-Korea ( The last talk in this instructional course, medical treatment of CRPC, was by Dr. Patel, who focused on how to initiate urologist-directed management of CRPC, primarily with oral agents.

SIU 2018: Interpretation and Clinical Implication of Cancer Genetics in Uro-Oncology - Prostate Cancer

Seoul, South-Korea ( In this session, Dr. Byun highlighted the current status of cancer genetics in the prostate cancer realm. Naturally, this is a very broad topic to cover in 15 minutes, so he highlighted some key topics without delving too much into the details. In the summary below, those key points are highlighted.

SIU 2018: Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumors in 2018: Did Urologists Improve It?

Seoul, South-Korea ( Dr. Bivalacqua discussed on how to optimize transurethral resection of bladder tumors (TURBT) in 2018. He began giving some data on the scope of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). Approximately 75% of 81000 estimated new bladder cancer cases in 2018 are NMIBC. The majority of NMIBC patients will receive some form of intravesical therapy. Endoscopic resection (TURBT) remains the mainstay form of diagnosis and staging of this disease. Complete visualization of the entire bladder and resection of all visualized tumors is essential, when technically feasible. TURBT is both a diagnostic and a therapeutic procedure.

SIU 2018: Can MRI Replace Prostate Biopsy?

Seoul, South-Korea (  Dr. Ploussard debated the question whether mpMRI can replace prostate biopsies. The old prostate cancer diagnosis strategy used to be entail referring patients to a systematic prostate biopsy based on PSA, PSA density, digital rectal examination (DRE) and previous biopsy history. However, the new paradigm is the imaging based strategy, whereby in the first step, aside from obtaining all relevant clinical history, DRE and PSA, the patient is also sent to a prostate mpMRI. In the next step, the patient undergoes a targeted biopsy or a combination of both targeted and systematic biopsies, if the mpMRI is positive.

SIU 2018: Integrating Imaging and Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer Decision Making

Seoul, South-Korea ( Derya Tilki, MD gave an overview of mpMRI and biomarkers in daily practice. One of the biggest questions regarding mpMRI, is whether it can serve as a triage test before the first biopsy. A second following question, is whether we can avoid a biopsy in those with a negative mpMRI? Additional questions include whether we should routinely use mpMRI before any biopsy to improve the detection rate of clinically significant prostate cancer? And should we restrict our biopsy to target only the mpMRI visible lesions?

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