SIU 2017: Radiogenomics, MRI & Prostate Cancer Imaging

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Reiter presented on the use of genomics in conjunction with imaging to make management decisions in prostate cancer; this is a new field called radiogenomics. 

He started by reviewing some of the talks from earlier in the localized prostate cancer session, focusing on the use of markers. He coupled this with what we know already about the utility of mpMRI in the evalution and management of PCa. However, the combination of these two may provide greater utility than either alone. 

SIU 2017: Therapy for Prostate Cancer - Who and How?

Lisbon, Portugal ( In this presentation Dr. Sanchez-Salas discussed focal therapy. Focal therapy is quite controversial. It aims to provide effective cancer control while maintaining quality of life for localized prostate cancer; it represents a technological interactive approach.

SIU 2017: Advanced Risk Modeling for Prostate Cancer

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Hadaschik followed Dr. Villers’ talk with a presentation on advanced risk modeling for prostate cancer. He began with some data regarding MRI.

SIU 2017: DNA Repair Mutations and Prostate Cancer

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Dall’Era presented on DNA repair mutations and their role in localized prostate cancer.  DNA damage repair pathways are extensive with numerous genes involved. However, abnormal function of any of these genes result in greater rate of genetic mutations that are unable to be repaired quickly enough. This subsequently leads to more genetic instability (microsatellite instability MSI), and greater neoantigen loads.

SIU 2017: The USPSTF Screening Review - What Are the Implications?

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Cooperberg started off the session on Localized Prostate Cancer with a review of the United States Preventative Services Task Force Recommendations (USPSTF). Again, prostate cancer remains the most common malignancy in men in the United States and is now the third leading cancer cause of death (behind lung and colon cancer). Globally, it has now risen to become the 5th leading cause of cancer death. 

SIU 2017: Active Surveillance: Biopsy vs MRI for Follow Up

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Villers followed in this session on localized prostate cancer with a talk assessing the role of biopsy vs. MRI in active surveillance follow-up. Ideally, in AS, the goal is to eventually replace invasive biopsies with noninvasive testing. While prostate MRI had lots of initial promise, it does not appear that it can yet safely replace prostate biopsy.

SIU 2017: Prostate Cancer Stem Cells

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Leao presented today on the role of prostate cancer stem cells in advanced prostate cancer. He began with an introduction to cancer stem cell theory.

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