SIU 2017: Bilateral Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy of Salvage In Cushing Syndrome Refractory To Medical Treatment

Lisbon, Portugal ( Ectopic ACTH production is a less common (7-15%) etiology for endogenous Cushing syndrome. Treatment for patients can sometimes involve salvage bilateral adrenalectomy if surgical resection of the primary neuroendocrine malignancy is not feasible and patients had no response to medical therapy. In this study, the group from Argentina describe their clinical experience with laparoscopic bilateral adrenalectomy as a therapeutic option for this subset of patients.

SIU 2017: Blue Light Cystoscopy for Diagnosis of Urothelial Bladder Cancer: Results from a Prospective Multicenter Registry

Lisbon, Portugal ( Blue light cystoscopy (BLC) using Cysview has been shown to improve the ability of white light cystoscopy (WLC) in primarily retrospective series. In this abstract, the authors of a multi-institution collaborative group present their results of a prospective multi-center Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview registry. Of note, recent SIU-ICUD Collaboration on Bladder Cancer (Update of the 2012 guidelines) now recommends photodynamic agents such as Cysview (Grade B recommendation)
– full guidelines are also available on

SIU 2017: Increased Utilization of PET/CT Imaging and Its Economic Impact for Patients Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer

Lisbon, Portugal ( In the bladder cancer setting, CT Urogram (triphasic CT) is a standard test in the staging evaluation. However, during staging or surveillance, alternative modalities may be utilized including MRI and PET/CT, but the use of PET/CT is controversial. It is unclear what the current utilization of each of the modalities is in the management of bladder cancer.

SIU 2017: SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer - Urinary Diversion

Lisbon, Portugal ( In this chapter, Dr. Rodriguez-Faba covered urinary diversions. However, there is little in this talk that is new since the 2012 guidelines. As such, we will review key highlights of his talk.

Main take-home message: Urinary diversions need to be discussed with the patient. This includes extensive discussion of complications and risks/benefits!

SIU 2017: SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer - Non-urothelial Cancer of the Urinary Bladder

Lisbon, Portugal ( Dr. Konety discussed the rare variants of bladder cancer. Specifically, he discussed the cases where <1% of the specimen was urothelial. As can be imagined, there is not a lot of data available to make strong recommendations.

SIU 2017: SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer - Systemic Therapy for Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma

Lisbon, Portugal (  Dr. Merseburger, along with Dr. Sternberg, were the co-chairs for this chapter. There has been a lot of development in this space in the past 5 years, so they highlighted some of the key changes along the way. However, the final published chapter will have the most up to date recommendations. 

SIU 207: SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer - Basic Science

Lisbon, Portugal (  This is a new chapter not previously included in the 2012 version. Dr. McConkey went through the data very quickly, but highlighted the areas of focus in the chapter. Importantly, he was very blunt that they do not yet have enough data to make guideline recommendations, but they may be close. There has been a lot of development in understanding the genomic makeup of bladder cancer in the past few years. The chapter is split into the update on the following major topics (along with some select highlights from recent results).

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