EAU 2017: Is There a Role for Local Treatment of Oligometastatic Disease? Yes

London, England (UroToday.com) Following Dr. Tombal’s introductory talk at the EAU 2017’s “Controversies in Metastatic Prostate Cancer” stating that there was no role for local treatment in the oligometastatic setting, Dr. Martin Spahn from Switzerland provided the rebuttal argument.

EAU 2017: State-of-the-art lecture Hereditary Prostate Cancer

London, England (UroToday.com) In this session, Dr. Walsh shared his wealth of knowledge on hereditary transmission of prostate cancer gleaned from decades of landmark work. The importance of identifying mutations in hereditary cancers cannot be understated as they may lead to testing of individuals at high risk for disease and allow for the development of targeted therapies.

EAU 2017: Active Surveillance for 3+4=7 Prostate Cancer - Pro

London, England (UroToday.com) In this session, Dr. Cooperberg argued in favor of including select Gleason 3+4=7 prostate cancer patients in active surveillance programs. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and ranks third in cancer causes of death among men in the United States.

EAU 2017: Lessons from the ProtecT trial

London, England (UroToday.com) In this session, Professor Mottet discussed lessons learned from the ProtecT trial. He began by reviewing what we know about intervention for prostate cancer and survival. The SPCG-4 trial represented an epoch early in screening for prostate cancer as only 5% of the patients were screen detected and the mean PSA was 13 ng/ml.

EAU 2017: Con – mpMRI targeted biopsies are sufficient

London, England (UroToday.com) In this session, Dr. Pinto discussed his rationale for why it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend concomitant transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy (TRUS-B) at the time of MRI-guided targeted biopsy (TB). Currently TRUS-B is standard of care in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. However, it has low sensitivity and specificity for detecting clinically significant cancer.

EAU 2017: Con – Prostate Cancer Screening: Time to change recommendations for PSA testing

London, England (UroToday.com) In this session, Dr. Grubb defended PSA testing. He began by suggesting that he and Professor Hugosson likely have a similar viewpoint on these issues. Updated findings from the prostate arm of the United States Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer (PLCO) trial continues to demonstrate no difference in PCSM after 15 years’ follow-up.

EAU 2017: State-of-the-art Lecture: How will Immunotherapy Change the Treatment Paradigm?

London, England (UroToday.com) Dr. Robert Jones from Glasgow presented the role of immunotherapy in the current treatment paradigm of bladder urothelial carcinoma.

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