AUA 2019: The Endockscope: A Disruptive Global Opportunity?

Chicago, IL ( The Endockscope is a novel medical device which reduces the cost of a standard imaging system of $45,000 to only $45. This device, when paired with a camera smartphone, has the ability to produce comparable imaging to the standard equipment typically used during standard endoscopy. In this presentation, Ms. Sherry Lu, Junior Research Specialist of UCI Urology, discusses its performance during rigid endoscopy in a fresh tissue cadaver model.

Many underprivileged regions throughout the globe do not have access to the high-powered standard equipment which our western societies find to be the “gold standard.” Given these gaps in our healthcare system, the UCI Urology research team tested the performance of this medical device using rigid endoscopes, which are more prominent in these countries. Previous studies have already corroborated its use using flexible cystoscopes.

UCI Urology faculty members tested the performance of a rigid cystoscope, rigid ureteroscope, rigid nephroscope, and 30 degree laparoscope in designated anatomical structure paired with one of three camera systems. Those systems were the standard camera system and high powered light source, the Endockscope paired with the Apple iPhone X, or the Endockscope paired with the Samsung Galaxy S9+. They rated various imaging parameters and whether the images produced were acceptable for diagnostic use. Of note, all the videos presented were randomized and encrypted.

The results demonstrated that in rigid cystoscopy (both standard and with a rigid-ureteroscope), the Endockscope paired with either the iPhone X or Galaxy S9+ performed just as well or better than the standard. For rigid nephroscopy, the Endockscope paired with the Galaxy S9+ performed similarly, but the iPhone X was inferior. For laparoscopy, the Endockscope performed inferiorly to the standard when paired with the iPhone X. When comparing diagnostic capabilities of each rigid endoscope and camera system, all camera systems provided comparable imaging, except in laparoscopy where only 23% of respondents deemed the Endockscope with the iPhone X acceptable.

The Endockscope device paired with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ provided consistently comparable imaging to the standard and serves as a tool when performing standard endoscopy on the bladder, kidney, and abdomen. As smartphone technology continues to grow and become more advanced, the functionality of this technology becomes limitless, and most importantly, disruptive in our current health care system.

Presented and written by:  Sherry Lu, Junior Research Specialist of UCI Urology, Department of Urology, University of California-Irvine, Irvine, California at American Urological Association's 2019 Annual Meeting (AUA 2019), May 3 – 6, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois