AUA 2018: Predictors of Poor Functional Outcomes after Focal High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

San Francisco, CA ( Data from 625 patients in the UK focal High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) registry were analyzed to evaluate for predictors of functional outcomes following treatment. Poor functional outcomes following focal ablative therapy, including HIFU, are rare. It is therefore important to endeavor to understand what factors might lead to poor functional outcomes in some men.

AUA 2018: Two Year Oncological Outcomes Following Focal Laser Ablation

San Francisco, CA ( Brian Chao and Dr. Lepor presented the NYU experience using focal laser ablation (FLA) now that they have 2 years’ worth of oncologic data and 1 year of functional outcomes data. They recruited 34 men undergoing in-bore FLA with clinically localized disease, PSA <10, Gleason <8, and MRI findings demonstrating index lesions.

Functionally, there was no significant change from baseline in standardized measurements for erectile function and lower urinary tract function. The AUA symptom score, SHIM erectile function score, incontinence pad number, and self-reported incontinence rates were all the same at 12 months as at baseline prior to FLA.

AUA 2018: Concomitant Hysterectomy Lowers the Rate of Repeat Surgery for All Vaginal Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Nearly 100,000 Women

San Francisco, CA USA ( This session explored the role of hysterectomy in pelvic organ prolapse (POP) repair in two different, conflicting studies. Many surgeons perform hysterectomy in the treatment of POP, but some advocate for uterine-sparing procedures. The contribution of the uterus in prolapse recurrence is debated, with some arguing that the weight of the uterus increases the risk for prolapse recurrence. Those who advocate for uterine preservation argue that it improves sexual function and prevents the early onset of menopause that is though to occur with hysterectomy, even when the ovaries are spared. The authors of this study explored the risk of recurrence after POP repair with and without hysterectomy using a large database analysis.

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