AUA 2018: Postoperative Outcomes of Elderly Patients Undergoing Partial Nephrectomy: A Multicentric-Study of the French Research Network On Kidney Cancer UroCCR

San Francisco, CA USA ( Dr. Sophie, from the University Hospital of Bordeaux presented on partial nephrectomy (PN) in the elderly population. She stressed the importance of preserving renal function as it is an independent predictor of cardiovascular function. Since there is limited data on the feasibility and morbidity of PN for patients over the age of 75 years old, Dr. Sophie sought to shed light on this issue by analyzing the clinical outcomes in this population group.

They acquired their data from the prospectively maintained French National Database on Kidney cancer on > 75-year-old patients that underwent PN between 2003-2016. The data collected was on pre-, peri-, and post-operative outcomes.

Their review included 191 procedures that were either performed via an open approach (n=69), laparoscopic (n=17) and robotic (n=105). The mean tumor size was 4.6 cm, estimated blood loss of 200 mL, severe complications (Clavien III-V) rate was 6.2%, and the median follow up was 25 months with 16 patient deaths and only 3 tumor-related. Their group performed multivariate analysis and found that robotic-assisted PN was an independent protective factor from post-operative complications, however age was not associated with postoperative complications.

They concluded that PN should be considered a viable surgical procedure in the geriatric population group and that robotic-assisted surgery is an independent protective factor from post-operative complications. However, Dr. Sophie advises that careful pre-operative assessment by a geriatrician may help with appropriate patient selection.

Presented by: Duc Sophie, MD

Written by: Egor Parkhomenko, Department of Urology, University of California-Irvine at the 2018 AUA Annual Meeting - May 18 - 21, 2018 – San Francisco, CA USA