AUA 2017: Shift Workers with Shift Work Sleep Disorder Have Increased Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Boston, MA ( Dr. John Sigalos from the Baylor College of Medicine explored the relative risk between shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). As an introduction to his presentation, Dr. Sigalos stated that shift work sleep disorder is a circadian rhythm disorder that is found in 10% of all shift workers.

AUA 2017: The Impact of Scribes on Urology Practice

Boston, MA ( Electronic health records are a mandatory part of health care in almost all settings.  But EHR has shown to decrease productivity and contribute to physician burnout. 

AUA 2017: Plenary Next Frontier

Boston, MA ( This presentation by Dr. Kirpekar was to discuss the changes on the horizon regarding benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) surgery. Dr. Kirpekar noted that there have been major conceptual changes in the treatment of BPH over the years, with transurethral enucleation of the prostate (TUEP) taking preference over TURP, both in terms of urologist preference and in the literature (given several validated studies regarding its efficacy).

AUA 2017: Procept BioRobotics’ Aquablation Shows Superior Results vs. TURP in WATER Blinded Randomized Trial for BPH

Boston, MA ( Procept BioRobotics, a Silicon Valley robotics company developing intelligent surgical solutions to treat prostate disease, has announced the early safety and efficacy endpoints from the global Phase III WATER (Waterjet Ablation Therapy for Endoscopic Resection of prostate tissue)

AUA 2017: Minimally Invasive Prostatic Urethral Lift (PUL) Produces Durable Symptom Improvement in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: Interview with Claus Roehrborn

Boston, MA ( The Prostatic Urethral Lift (PUL) has been shown to rapidly and durably relieve mens’ lower urinary tract symptoms – LUTS – secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with minimal side effects.  

AUA 2017: Postoperative Urinary Retention Is An Independent Predictor Of Short-And Long-Term Future Bladder Outlet Procedure In Men

Boston, MA ( Post-operative urinary retention (POUR), the inability to void with a presence of a full bladder, has been shown to be a common complication post a wide range of surgeries.

AUA 2017: Surgeon-specific variation for outcomes after benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery

Boston, MA ( Under the presumption that surgeon experience effects patient outcomes following the surgical treatment of BPH, Weaver et al. performed a retrospective chart review comparing 7 surgeons at their institution to determine whether surgeon-specific variation effects BPH outcomes.
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