AUA 2016: Ultra-short, short, medium and long-pulse laser lithotripsy performance - another perspective - Session Highlights

San Diego, CA USA ( The latest lithotripters available to urologists offer additional features compared to past models including additional pulse widths and durations (ultra-short, short, medium, long pulse modes). However these additional features have not been evaluated on performance compared to traditional short pulse lithotripters.

To evaluate performance, Dr. Kronenberg and colleagues performed an ex-vivo experiment using two types of artificial stones, plaster of paris and Begostone.

The authors created an automated laser fragmentation system using the two types of artificial stones, 273 um laser fibers, and a lithotripter set at 10Hz x 1J capable of a variety of pulse widths and durations. They then evaluated and analyzed the achieved ablation volume using each mode.

Their results of this experiment revealed that short pulse lengths significantly outperformed longer pulse lengths regardless of artificial stone type. However fragment size differed with each mode and must be further evaluated. Overall, shorter pulse lengths achieved higher ablation volume and were able to create wider and deeper fissures in the stone.

The authors concluded from their findings that pulse length is inversely correlated with ablation volume.


Presented By: Peter Kronenberg, MD


Written By: Renai Yoon; Research Associate, Department of Urology, University of California, Irvine at the 2016 AUA Annual Meeting - May 6 - 10, 2016 – San Diego, California, USA