AUA 2016: Long-term results of female urethral reconstruction using dorsal onlay lingual mucosal graft - Session Highlights

Sameer Trivedi presented the long-term follow up for 36 female patients who underwent dorsal onlay lingual mucosal graft fore treatment of urethral stricture.   At three months, all patients experienced symptomatic improvement; however, 5 patients had a Qmax less than 15 ml/s. Four of these patients required urethral dilation.  There was no incidence of incontinence or a deviated stream. 

They were able to retain 32 patients for three and five year follow up. At three years, all 32 denied lower urinary tract symptoms and the mean Qmax was 26.3 ml/s.  At five years, all 32 again were symptom free and mean Qmax was 25.8 ml/s. Overall success of dorsal onlay lingual mucosa grafts for female urethral reconstruction at 1 year was 90% and at 3 and 5 years was 88%.


Reported by Lisa Parrillo (University of Pennsylvania) American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting May 6-10, 2016 San Diego, CA