AUA QI Summit 2017: Resources from the American College of Radiology to Support Stewardship of Imaging Radiology Support, Communication and Alignment Network (R-SCAN)

Linthicum, Maryland ( Dr. Erick Remer from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Ms. Nancy Fredericks from the American College of Radiology (ACR) provided an overview of the Radiology Support, Communication and Alignment Network (R-SCAN) with regards to stewardship. Dr. Remer noted that CMS established a program to promote the use of appropriate use criteria (AUC) for advanced diagnostic imaging services. The ACR-derived AUC is evidence-based and assists professionals who order imaging to make the most appropriate decisions for a specific clinical condition.

AUA QI Summit 2017: Practical Issues in CT Dose Optimization

Linthicum, Maryland ( Dr. George Fung, who is the CT R&D Collaboration Manager at Siemens, as well as an adjunct Assistant Professor of Radiology at Johns Hopkins University, discussed practical issues in CT dose optimization, noting that the historical perspective of CT imaging started with the introduction of brain scans in the 1970’s, whole body CTs in the 1980’s, spiral CT scans in the 1990’s, and radiation dose awareness/dose reduction technology in the 2000s.

AUA QI Summit 2017: Follow-up After an ED Visit for Acute Renal Colic/Toolkit from AUA Imaging Stewardship Workgroup

Linthicum, Maryland ( Drs. Sternberg, Venkatesh, Remer, and Smith-Bindman provided an excellent panel for the working lunch discussion of the Toolkit from the AUA Imaging Stewardship Workgroup at today’s AUA Quality Improvement Summit. Dr. Sternberg also provided a few introductory slides to transition to an overview of the AUA Toolkit, discussing follow-up after an emergency department visit for the patient with acute renal colic.

AUA QI Summit 2017: Multispecialty Collaboration on Best Imaging Practices in Renal Colic: Radiologist’s Perspective

Linthicum, Maryland ( Dr. Erick Remer from the Cleveland Clinic discussed best practice imaging practices from the radiologist’s perspective. An abdominal CT scan is universally acknowledged as the most accurate imaging exam for stone detection, localization and size determination, however for any one patient there are multiple competing considerations in determining appropriate imaging techniques.

AUA QI Summit 2017: E-QUAL From the Urologist’s Perspective

Linthicum, Maryland ( Dr. Kevan Sternberg from the University of Vermont provided the urologist’s perspective of the Emergency Quality (E-QUAL) Network, noting that there is a definite need for guidelines and improved standardization regarding imaging for renal colic.

AUA QI Summit 2017: Dose Optimization in Stone Evaluation: DOSE

Linthicum, Maryland ( Dr. Christopher Moore, an emergency medicine physician from Yale University, provided an important presentation at the AUA Quality Improvement Summit discussing imaging dose optimization in urinary stone evaluation. Urinary stone disease is common, affecting 1 in 11 people with an increasing incidence in the US and worldwide.

AUA QI Summit 2017: Cross-Cutting Measures: A Novel Vision for Quality Measurement

Linthicum, Maryland ( Dr. Arjun Venkatesh, an emergency medicine physician at Yale University, discussed cross-cutting measures, a novel quality measurement. Dr. Venkatesh stated that the ‘quality movement’ is headed in the right direction given the shift towards stopping complex individual incentives, shifting the business strategy from revenue to quality, ensuring complete transparency, protecting civility, hearing the voices of patients, and rejecting greed.
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