IBCN 2017: Outcomes

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Laura S. Mertens from The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands presented their abstract ‘Long-Term Survival after Cytoreduction and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) for Patients with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis of Urachal Cancer (UrAC)’. 48 patients with UrAC treated at our hospital between 1994-2014 were assessed. The median follow up was 74 months.

IBCN 2017: Novel Targets

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Michèle J. Hoffmann from Heinrich-Heine-University, Duesseldorf, Germany presented her abstract ‘Combined pharmacological inhibition of BRD proteins and class-I HDACs synergistically induces apoptosis in urothelial carcinoma cells’. Combination of HDACi with JQ1, an inhibitor of bromodomain-containing acetylation reader proteins like BRD4 has shown efficacy in some cancers.

IBCN 2017: Bladder Cancer Progression

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Kirsten Junker from Saarland University, Germany presented her abstract ‘Tumor-associated exosomes play a crucial role in the cell-cell communication in bladder cancer’. miRNAs packed in exosomes (Exo) can affect cell-cell communication in the tumor microenvironment and play a crucial role in tumorigenesis. Exo were isolated from invasive (T24,253J-BV,J82), non-invasive (RT112,5637) BC and normal bladder (HCV29) cell lines by ultracentrifugation.

IBCN 2017: Molecular Subtyping II

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Deb Sundi from Ohio State, Columbus, OH presented his abstract ‘Predictive impact of intrinsic bladder cancer subtypes on survival after radical cystectomy’. In 257 patients were nearly evenly distributed among the 3 intrinsic subtypes, and 146 (54%) underwent NAC.

IBCN 2017: Molecular Subtyping I

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Davis McConkey from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD chaired the session. Gottfrid Sjodahl from Lund University, Lund, Sweden discussed molecular subtypes in progression from early to muscle-invasive bladder cancer called the Lund subtypes.

IBCN 2017: Keynote Lecture - Molecular Pathology in Bladder Cancer

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Carlos Cordon-Cardo from Mount Sinai, New York, New York provided the keynote lecture entitled ‘Molecular Pathology in Bladder Cancer’. Bladder cancer historically had two pathways of tumor initiation which include low grade superficial papillary urothelial carcinoma and carcinoma in situ which may lead to development of muscle-invasive disease.

IBCN 2017: Keynote Lecture - The Microbiota: A New Variable Impacting Cancer Immunotherapy Outcomes

Lisbon, Portugal (UroToday.com) Tom Gajewski from The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL discussed ‘The Microbiota: A New Variable Impacting Cancer Immunotherapy Outcomes’. The working model is immunobiology of T cell inflamed versus no-inflamed tumor microenvironment.
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