EAU 2018

EAU 2018: Now or Never - Realizing the Promise of Precision Oncology for Urothelial Carcinoma

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) Dr. Black gave a talk on the promise of precision oncology for urothelial carcinoma. Precision oncology allows to personalize treatment for patients and improve their outcomes. The precision oncology workflow is described in Figure 1, starting from tissue biopsy, and going through biomarkers, target identification, validation, drug selection, and monitoring for relapse. 

EAU 2018: Does New Molecular Subtyping in Urothelial Cancer Add to Tumor, Nodes and Metastasis

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) Dr. Comperat, gave an overview of the potential benefit of adding molecular subtyping to standard pathological analysis.

EAU 2018: Urogenital Tuberculosis: The Cause Of Ineffective Antibacterial Therapy For Urinary Tract Infections

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) Dr. Kulchavenya, a clinical urologist from the Novosibirsk Research TB Institute, Novosibirsk Medical University, Dept. of Urology, presented on antibiotic resistance and bacterial strain similarities found in those diagnosed with a long history of urinary tract infection (UTI) and suspicious for urogenital tuberculosis (UGBT). UGTB has no specific symptoms, therefore there are currently no screening methods for early detection. However, UTIs are considered first line for differential diagnosis with UGTB.

EAU 2018: Culture-based Targeted Antibiotic Prophylaxis By Β-lactams Alone is Not Sufficient to Prevent Infective Complications After Transrectal Prostate Biopsy

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) Dr. Nasu, a clinical urologist from the Okayama Rosai Hospital, Dept. of Urology, presented on the efficacy of targeted antibiotic prophylaxis (TAP) by use of beta-lactams to prevent infective complications (IC) after transrectal ultrasonography guided prostate biopsy (TRPB) in patients with quinolone-resistant E. coli (QREC).

EAU 2018: Clinical Relevance of the Bacteria Spread into the Irrigation Fluid During Endourological Procedures: A Novel Tool to Guide Appropriate Postoperative Antibiotic Management

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) Stone Culture is frequently investigated following a PCNL procedure. Stone culture results have a played a big role in patient treatment plans and its correlation with risk of infections has been seen in many studies.

EAU 2018: Is There a Relationship Between The Microbiota of Urine and Intestines in Patients With Acute Obstructive Pyelonephritis

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) It is well known that the human body hosts a variety of microbial cells. However, the relationship between different microbiota on different areas on and inside the body are not fully understood.

EAU 2018: Acute Obstructive Pyelonephritis Can Be Caused By E. coli at ≤104 Bacteriuria Level Experimental Model

Copenhagen, Denmark (UroToday.com) Bacteria in the urine, or bacteruria, can be symptomatic or asymptomatic in patients. In patients where it is symptomatic, it may cause development of upper urinary tract infections which can lead to acute obstructive pyelonephritis (AOP). Dr. M.I. Kogan the team sought to determine the rate of AOP in an animal experimental model.