#WCE2014 - Treatment of renal cell carcinoma with a novel nanoparticle: Initial in vitro results - Interview

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (UroToday.com) - Introduction and Objectives: Certain nanoparticles (NP) emit heat energy when excited by near-infrared (NIR) laser energy. We determined efficacy of a novel nanoparticle to induce hyperthermic cellular death of renal cell carcinoma in vitro.

wceMethods: The RCC 786-O cell line of RCC was incubated in one cm wells. Gold nanorods (AuRDs, NanopartzTM) with diameters of 10 nm were conjugated to Human Serum Albumin Proteins (HSAPs) using a desolvation technique to form our NP, HSAP-AuRD. NPs were labeled with Coumarin-6 and incubated with RCC 786-O cells. Uptake was confirmed with fluorescence microscopy. A 2-watt laser (808 nm wavelength) was used to irradiate each control and treatment cells for 30 minutes. Temperatures were measured throughout irradiation with thermocouples. Cell viability was assessed using an MTT assay. ANOVA tests were used to compare temperature readings and cell viability of controls and treatment groups.

Results: Fluorescence microscopy consistently confirmed intracellular uptake of the HSAP-AuRD NPs. Using a fixed concentration of AuRDs with 5mg and 20mg of HSAP,we observed a significant difference in maximal temperature reached following irradiation (45.1C [5mg HSAP] versus 52.9C [20mg HSAP], p < 0.0001). In addition, cell viability was significantly lower for non-irradiated (87.1% and 64.5%) and the irradiated wells (24.8% and 3.7%) [p < 0.0001] in proportion to the amount of HSAP (5mg and 20mg) used to create the HSAP-AuRD nanoparticle.

Conclusions: Results of our initial in vitro studies show promise in the treatment of RCC. Animal studies are currently underway to confirm our initial results with HSAP-AuRDs as a potential novel treatment of RCC.

Source of Funding: None

View an interview with James Liu, one of the authors of this study.


Presented by Cameron Callaghan,1 Michael Maddox,1 Donna Peralta,2 James Liu,1 Sree Harsha Mandava,1 Matthew Tarr2 and Benjamin Lee1 at the 32nd World Congress of Endourology & SWL - September 3 - 7, 2014 - Taipei, Taiwan

1Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA USA
2University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA USA


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