From the Desk of the Editor

For a longtime we have the impression that getting up to void at night a normal part of aging. Even when more severe, and our patients bring the impact to our attention, we largely ignore the subject. In some cases, a few general recommendations (e.g. drink less fluid before bed) may be made, perhaps a medication to treat another condition (e.g. OAB, BPH) is prescribed, and the patient is left without relief.

I think of Nocturia as the “forgotten lower urinary tract condition”. Our understanding of sleep has recently come a long way, we are only now starting to understand the homeostatic effects of sleep. We now realize the impact of sleep quality on many domains of health and well-being. It is therefore more important than ever to address conditions that are have a negative impact on sleep and sleep quality. We need to realize that Nocturia is no longer just a symptom, but rather a condition with profound impact, regardless of age.

I hope that the UroToday Center of Excellence on Nocturia will allow our community to explore all of the facets of this condition, its diagnostic work-up and its treatments. Understanding the interplay of various behavioral factors, medical conditions, sleep disorders and lower urinary tract dysfunctions can be complex, but the goal is simple, our patients deserve a good night sleep! I hope you all have a restful night!!
Pelvic Health Weekly Newsletter