Perspectives on the Evolution in Treating Kidney Cancer- Monty Pal and Jaime Landman

December 7, 2018

Monty Pal and Jaime Landman discuss the value of collaboration with multiple disciplines to effectively manage patients diagnosed with kidney cancer. They provide a historical overview of the treatment of kidney cancer bringing the conversation to revolutionary advances, adding their view on the impact of survival in this patient population.


Jaime Landman, M.D. Chair of the Department of Urology at UC Irvine. He possesses extensive clinical expertise in endoscopic and laparoscopic kidney surgery, and his research has provided patients with more precise treatment. Dr. Landman is considered an international expert in the management of kidney cancer, He is a pioneer on the application of minimally invasive techniques for ablation of kidney cancer, and he has helped to re-define the diagnosis of kidney cancer through the development of novel diagnostic biopsy techniques

Sumanta (Monty) Kumar Pal, MD