The Royal Society of Medicine: Imaging and Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring


This highly commended one-day teaching course focuses on the value and uses of MR and PET/CT imaging in the entire patient journeys from suspected prostate cancer to the advanced disease state using the framework of definable clinical states.

World-renowned speakers will cover every aspect of the radiology path throughout the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, with a focus on how imaging advances clinical care. The idea is to lay out how next generation imaging technologies contribute to the personalization of care.

Learning objectives:

  • To know in detail the pathologic states, problems of categorisation and clinical needs of patients in each clinical state.
  • To understand how imaging can help meet clinical priorities and so promote the personalisation of care in advancing clinical states.
  • To show how next generation prostate imaging (multiparametric MRI & MR-directed biopsies) and whole-body assessments (whole body MRI & PET/CT) with clinical biomarkers, create opportunities to support and manage pathways of patients.

Location: Royal Society of Medicine, London, England