Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Neurological Patients With an Injectable Elastomer Prosthesis: Preliminary Results.

Many treatment options for stress urinary incontinence are difficult to apply to neurological patients. Urolastic is a new agent that is primarily indicated for women with mild stress urinary incontinence or men after prostate surgery. In this report, we present a series of 5 cases describing the first use of Urolastic to treat neurological patients. All patients were evaluated with a voiding diary and the use of auxiliary devices as the main indicators of continence. The median operative time was 30.8 minutes, and no complications were observed. Of the 5 patients, 4 reported improved incontinence: 2 switched from diapers to small pads, while the other 2 patients were able to discontinue urinary condom use. The only instance of treatment failure occurred in a patient with a low-compliance bladder. The advantages of this procedure appear to include a soft-cuff effect, reversibility, and minimal invasiveness. However, a future randomized study would be necessary to validate this treatment option.

International neurourology journal. 2017 Mar 24*** epublish ***

Julien Renard, Marco Citeri, Lucia Zanollo, Chiara Guerrer, Luigi Rizzato, Luca Frediani, Christophe Iselin, Michele Spinelli

Divison of Urology, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland., Spinal Unit, Division of Neurourology, A. Zanollo Center for Sacral Area Disfunction, Niguarda Hospital, Milan, Italy.