Macroplastique and Botox are superior to Macroplastique alone in the management of neurogenic vesicoureteric reflux in spinal cord injury population with presumed healthy bladders

Vesico-ureteric reflux(VUR) is a known complication of neuropathic bladder in spinal cord injury(SCI) population. Bulking agents such as Macroplastique are new minimally-invasive treatment option for VUR with good results. The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of Macroplastique alone or in combination with Botox(BTX-A), in managing VUR in SCI population with presumed healthy bladders and correlate the pre-and post-injection urodynamic findings with the outcome.

Retrospective comparative study.

SCI patients with VUR and presumed health bladders (normo-compliant, low filling pressures), treated with macroplastique alone or in combination with BTX-A, who had pre and post-intervention Video-urodynamics (VUDS) and followed up for at least 12 months.

Macroplastique and BTX-A injections, VUDS.

The primary end point was the overall treatment rate of VUR at 3 months and the secondary outcomes were the success rate (treated + improved) and the comparison of urodynamic parameters (pre-and post-injection).

We studied 34 intervention-naïve SCI patients. 19 had only Macroplastique (Group 1) and 15 had Macroplastique and BTX-A (Group 2). The overall treatment rate was 65.4% for group 1 and 88.9% for group 2 (P = 0.029). The overall success rate (treated + improved) was 80.8% and 94.4% respectively (P = 0.123). The comparison of follow up VUDS parameters showed a statistically significant rise in the detrusor pressure of group 1 (34.04cmH2O vs.19.2cmH2O, P = 0.008) and a drop in compliance (19.8mls/cmH2O vs.26.3mls/cmH2O, P = 0.018) as compared to baseline.

The combination of BTX-A and Macroplastique is more effective that Macroplastique alone in the management of secondary VUR in SCI patients with presumed healthy bladders.

The journal of spinal cord medicine. 2018 Feb 07 [Epub ahead of print]

Vasileios I Sakalis, Rachel Oliver, Peter J Guy, Melissa C Davies

a Department of Urology , Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust , Salisbury , UK.