Spring cleaning should include medical websites -- UroToday launches next-generation urology-oncology website model

BERKELEY, CA USA (Press Release) - May 1, 2012 - UroToday.com went live on May 1 with a next-generation website platform yielding faster and more advanced searches within their already extensive list of urologic diseases including prostate, bladder, and renal cancers. Since 2002,

UroToday has been a leading resource for urologists and uro-oncologists worldwide.

Gina B. Carithers“The expectation of a .com medical website should be higher, and that’s why we invested in a forward-looking web platform to take us into the next decade. It feels like spring cleaning, but it’s much more -- we’re setting the bar higher for ourselves and hopefully for other websites that follow our lead,” says Gina Carithers, CEO and publisher of Digital Science Press, Inc. (parent company of UroToday.com). Carithers, a medical website entrepreneur, has been building bridges between researchers and their scientific abstracts and the urologic practitioner. “It’s all about critically understanding where the medical research is leading and how to apply that knowledge to improve care. “

UroToday’s global urologic-oncology readership represents more than 27,000 cancer and biotech researchers, physicians, residents, nurses, and health educators. When most websites hope to keep the attention of the reader for several seconds, site metrics on UroToday’s editorial pages report daily interaction by medical professionals spending an average of 5 minutes per visit and making at least 1 visit per week.

“This website model has been effective because it maintains a focus on urology education and stays current,” says, Chief Medical Editor, Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD (hon.). “The updated website design will make online reading more efficient while providing greater opportunities to learn and interact.”

Dr. Wein’s editorial vision includes supplementing the educational needs of urology residents who are increasingly accessing medical resources online. ”Nothing fully replaces being onsite at a urology or oncology scientific meeting and hearing the researchers’ presentations, but in today’s economy, attendance at those live presentations includes only a fraction of the urology universe.” UroToday will continue a long-standing tradition of reporting from leading worldwide urology and genitourinary oncology meetings. At the May 2012 American Urological Association (AUA) annual meeting, UroToday expects more than 55,000 unique site visitors to read their “real time” session highlights.

The new website platform will also enhance the physician, peer-reviewed UroToday International Journal (UIJ) with improved, dynamic search capability and streamlined navigation. Editor-in-Chief, Karl-Erik Andersson, MD, PhD elaborated, “UIJ continues to reach urologists from around the globe, and they interact and participate as reviewers, authors and readers.”

“The success of our web model has enabled us to publish “In Focus” microsites on disease prevention,” adds Carithers. “That’s a new direction for our company.” She cites the CAUTI Challenge (http://www.cautichallenge.com) website, which stands for catheter-associated urinary tract infections, as a good website case study in outcomes. This website was created in part to provide a single resource to access evidence-based medicine and perspectives on implementing CAUTI prevention strategies. The CAUTI Challenge website tools are meant to be readily shared to assist healthcare providers in achieving sustainable prevention goals.

Diane Newman, DNP FAAN BCB-PMD, Co-Director of the Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health (as well as Editor-in Chief of the CAUTI Challenge) is very pleased with initial feedback. “We have heard from many (online) readers who are actively engaged in implementing CAUTI prevention programs for their hospitals. They have raised opportunities to update the algorithm which is truly a dynamic process of care.“

“A ‘dynamic process of care’ is a great way to describe our website vision for the future,” agrees Carithers. “Ours is the 21st century reinvention of the urology library offering real time, convenient access to all aspects of the field of urology.”




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