BJUI Mini Reviews - Urological litigation in the UK National Health Service (NHS): An analysis of 14 years of successful claims

BERKELEY, CA ( - It is well known that surgical care is associated with iatrogenic injury and resulting patient harm.

Over recent years this has increasingly led to medico-legal claims against NHS organisations with a significant financial impact.[1] In the UK several notable cases have been covered in the media and have brought medical error into the public eye. One of the most high profile of these involved Urologists in a case of wrong site nephrectomy.[2] The impact of this has been an increasing emphasis on clinical guidelines and risk management procedures. Robust risk management procedures can improve the outcome for patients as well as limit litigation against surgeons...View or save the full text Mini Review as a .pdf file


Nadir I. Osman and Gerald N. Collins

Department of Urology, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK


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