Recurrent urinary tract infection in older women: An evidence-based approach - Abstract

Ageing increases the risk of a woman developing a urinary tract infection (UTI).

It also increases the risk of misdiagnosis and inappropriate antibiotic therapy being prescribed. Antibiotic therapy has costs as well as benefits and can lead to changes in gut and vaginal flora that further predispose older women to UTI. Antibiotic resistance is growing and those who do have a UTI may experience treatment failure because of resistance to commonly used antibiotics. Accurate diagnosis and effective evidence-based treatment becomes even more crucial in the face of an ageing population and increasing antimicrobial resistance. Furthermore, the need for specific evidence-based guidelines for UTI in older people is increasing.

Written by:
Nazarko L.   Are you the author?
Nurse Consultant and Clinical Lead, Community IV Services, Ealing NHS Trust.

Reference: Br J Community Nurs. 2013 Aug;18(8):407-8, 410-2.

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PMID: 24225477 Infections Section