Emergence of resistance to third generation cephalosporins by Enterobacteriaceae causing community-onset urinary tract infections in hospitals in Colombia - Abstract

INTRODUCTION:Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common disease in the community, and a matter of concern due to the increasing resistance of microorganisms to first line antibiotics and the emergence of multiresistant strains producing extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBL) in the community.

METHODS:An analytical case-control study was conducted over twelve months in 9 hospitals in Colombia. We collected isolates of E. coli, Klebsiella spp. and Proteus spp. from patients with community-onset UTI. The presence of ESBL, AmpC and KPC betalactamases were characterized by microbiological and molecular methods. The aim of this study was to determine factors related to the presence of these mechanisms of the resistance to third generation cephalosporins.

RESULTS:A total of 325 isolates (287 E. coli, 29 Klebsiella spp. and 9 Proteus spp.) were included. The most frequent comorbidities among the patients were hypertension (n=82; 25.2%) and diabetes mellitus (n=68; 20.9%). Previous use of antimicrobials was found in 23% of patients, and 29% had a previous UTI. Resistance to third and fourth generation cephalosporins varied between 3.4% and 6.3% in E. coli and between 6.9% and 17.8% in K. pneumoniae. Seven (2.4%) CTX-M-15 ESBL-producing E. coli isolates were detected; four of them belonged to ST 131 clone. In K. pneumoniae we detected three KPC-3 carbapenemases (10.3%).

CONCLUSIONS: This study confirms the emergence of resistance to third generation cephalosporins enterobacteriaceae as a cause of community-onset UTI. We emphasize the presence of ST 131 clone and KPC carbapenemases circulating in Colombia outside the hospital environment.

Written by:
Leal AL, Cortés JA, Arias G, Ovalle MV, Saavedra SY, Buitrago G, Escobar JA, Castro BE.   Are you the author?
Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

Reference: Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin. 2012 Jun 14. Epub ahead of print.
doi: 10.1016/j.eimc.2012.04.007

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PMID: 22703702

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