Uncomplicated urinary tract infections: Impact of increasing antibiotic resistance in the community - Abstract

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections are commonly encountered in primary care and frequently lead to empirical antibiotic prescriptions. The development of antibiotic resistance in the community explains treatment failures observed with commonly-prescribed drugs such as quinolones and co-trimoxazole. This article describes the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance among pathogens causing uncomplicated urinary tract infections and the consequences in terms of recommendations for empirical antibiotic therapy.

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Clerc O, Prod'hom G, Petignat C   Are you the author?
Hospitalière et Unité cantonale HPCI - Hygiène prévention et contrôle de I'infection - Vaud CHUV, Lausanne.

Reference: Rev Med Suisse. 2012 Apr 25;8(338):878-81

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PMID: 22611623

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